The Brazilian State: Debate and Agenda

The Brazilian State: Debate and Agenda
Lexington Books, 2011
Editors: Mauricio Font and Laura Randall

The Brazilian State explores the changing roles, relation with society, and overall impact of the contemporary Brazilian State. The 16 chapters by scholars from Brazil and the United States contribute to the understanding of various policy areas in an emerging and fast-growing country. Collectively, the papers probe the relationship between state reform, institutional development, policy effectiveness, and economic dynamics since the 1930s, and provide analyses of issues that will be the center of debate in the presidency of the newly-elected Dilma Rousseff. This volume is part of the Bildner Western Hemisphere Book Series.

Book Review and Comments in Portuguese by Paulo Kramer


University of Brasilia, October 7, 2011
Book Launch: University of Brasília (October 7, 2011)